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his is the story of a boy who tells a lie and causes a family tragedy. He has a younger brother, Hasan, and the two boys love to watch their father's servant Dadaruh comb the horses' hair with a beautiful currycomb. He wants to groom the horses, but is not allowed, so sneaks in and does it, but breaks the currycomb, and tells a lie to cover it up, --- Omer Seyfettin is regarded as one of the pioneers of modern Turkish literature. Llike many of his short stories, this one is concerned with children and the feelings of guilt which they cannot dispel. --- Metro Readers are a series of books in simplified English, published in Turkey. They are designed to provide learners of English with enjoyable reading material in which the vocabulary and grammatical structures have been controlled. It has a set of simple noun and verb exercises at the end. These books are suitable both for children and for learners of English as a Second Language.

Tür İngilizce Hikaye
Yayın Evi Metro Reader
Sayfa Sayısı 21
Seviye Level 3
Yaş Grubu 9+
Yayın Tarihi 1987-01-01
Yazar Susan Stempleski



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